3rd Party Training

Continuing education and training is a focus every year here at EEMSCO. 2020 is no exception. We have over 80 hours of 3rd party training scheduled already for this year, not to mention the daily on the job training and learning. They don’t teach this stuff in school folks!!

Large Plastic Extruder Recondition

We wanted to share the before and after picture of a large plastic extruder recondition recently completed by EEMSCO. Taking care of your equipment on a regular basis will not only increase productivity and output but will also decrease downtime. fake id  idchief.com,We are able to utilitze both the electrical and mechaincal sides of our shop to not only recondition the extruder itself but also the attached 300HP motor. Please give us a call if you would like a quote on a project such as this for your facility!